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Core Culture

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1: Customer Focus:
Understanding the needs and requirments of our customers and fulfilling these is GETON key objective. This includes full supporting our agents and helping them to fulfilling their customer requirments.

2: Responsive:
Customer inquiries for schedule changes must be responded to immediately in the same way as accomodating design needs,specification changes etc.

3: Flexible:
We must ensure that our procedures are not too rigid therefore restricting us to achieve customer focus and responsive.

4: Competitive:
Unless we constantly review our competitive situation and improve areas where our competitors are better, we will fail.

5: Lean:
Not to carry more overheads than absolutely necessary and to consider the cost reduction program as a CIP (Continuous Improvement Program) element.

6: Efficient:
To be efficient in all areas of our operation, Marketing, Finance, and Human Resource.

7: Innovative:
The goal is to make GETON have the better technology in China. Everyone should ensure that our employees understand this message and the importance of innovation to our goal.

8: Profitable:
Although this is our ultimate goal, we must be prepared to sacrifice short-term gains for long-term objectives.

9: Forward (Long-tem) thinking:
Our management and staff must be able to think ahead, predict change and react before disaster.